• Innovation in Track Technology
  • Innovation in Track Technology
  • Innovation in Track Technology




The company is engaged in the manufacturing of Alumino Thermic portions, Prefabricated Moulds, and complete range of Alumino thermic welding equipments, consumables and accessories required for fusion welding by Alumino thermic process as per Indian Railway Specification No. T -19-1994. The Company also undertakes a highly Technical, Exclusive and Unique activity- " The Thermic Welding of Rails " at various sites of Indian Railways. The company has also successfully executed export orders from Malaysia and Bangladesh. Read More..

Dinesh Viswanath

Dinesh Viswanath
Managing Director Railtech International

RAILTECH Welding & Equipment, the unchallenged leader in Rail Thermit-Welding technology, is present in all countries worldwide. In July 2015, we acquired Harshad Thermic Industries Private Limited, a 31 years old company with good track record in Rail Welding & Equipment...Read More..


An innovative technology for manufacture of 3 piece pre-fabricated mould has been developed "in-house" for the first time in india and 13000 joints have been executed in Bangladesh even before it was introduced on Indian Railways .Further 3 piece mould has been adopted by Indian Railways as well as Railway Board.


Fabrice Seewald
Group CEO Railtech International

RAILTECH Weilding & Equipment is present across the 5 continents through its subsidiaries and marketing networks. The Quality of our Products and Services are an unswerving pledge on the part of our group. All our business units are ISO-9000 certified... Read More..

Manufacturers of

  • Thermit Portion required for fusion welding of Rails by Alumino Thermic Process as        Per Indian Railway Specification No. IRS-T-19-1994.
  • Complete range of Thermit Welding Equipment, Consumable and accessories.


  • Flash Butt Welding Of Rail Joints By Mobile Flash Butt Welding Machine.
  • A.T. Welding Of Rail by Short Preheating Process(SKV) as Per IRS-T-1994
  • Welding of Broken Heavy Steel Machinery Parts By Alumino Thermic Welding



    Indian Railways by adopting rail welding has achieved substantial benefit by way of saving in maintenance cost and fuel besides .......Read More..


    SPH PROCESS (Thermit Welding)

    SKV is the short form of German Phrase “ Schweiss – Verfahran Mit kurz vor wa fmung “. This when translated into English reads as “ short pre-Heating (SPH) process....Read More..

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